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Senin, 19 Oktober 2009


In situations time and life filled with temptations of the material, as now, many people who entered the group of people who had lost his faith guidelines, they toss in kesimpang siuran creed. They do error and deviation from the path of Allah SWT in the worldly life, but they still thought was doing good. Although they have faith in God Almighty and the Day of Resurrection, but in fact they just creeds ganbaran artificial hearts because they really have lost connection with the activities or practices of their lives. They are in fact sensible thing "(materialist), although sometimes they do work in the form of spirituality. But again, this just a false nature, and generally also for the mundane nature. For example, to popular, beharap support, or because of feelings of shame.

Faith that dwells in our hearts should be a fixed value and does not change even if we are in any condition and situation nevertheless. With the faith that we will look at life in this world only as a field where crops, to receive or collect the results later Hereafter. By faith, we also became aware that the real essence of our lives is directly proportional to our future in the afterlife we will. That is: if in this world we live ita well and correctly in accordance with the guidance of the creed, it will be good and right according to precisely the situation we are in the hereafter. And vice versa, if we go through life with the poor of this world, it will be bad precisely nasadepan us there.

Faith is like a shade tree with fruit that taste delicious. When we care for, nurture and water it correctly, then he will produce good results.

Sholeha deeds are the fruit of faith. Faith was living the growing move to sholeh childbirth practices, and build towards the Divine keridhoan. Faith should not merely stored frozen at heart, nor is it merely dreams or just good intentions without obliged. Therefore, Always do everything with faith.

Turn our hearts with the remembrance, that we always live with tranquility and peace; without guile sweetness of life that comes from words and words that mislead the heart.

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