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Rabu, 07 Juli 2010


Human nature was awarded the "qiyamun bi nafsihi", but only for those who have become perfect beings, a perfect human being or human being is truly able to live with his own.

A child that is born straight bearing right. Although as a baby he could not anything, but the baby's right to life should be fulfilled by both parents. If the right was met then the baby will be able to resume his life. The baby was entitled to receive adequate treatment and so did she have the right to education for the stock of his life in the future.

After the baby grew up to be adult and free from the custody of his parents, then turn to the government which gives protection to the right person. As a citizen of a country, he deserves a decent job, get a higher education and the security itself. It was only fulfilling their duty as concerned citizens like that in defending the country, and build national resilience, and pay taxes so that the wheels of government can work well.

Also an essential human need to be able to live independently. People who live independently is not dependent on others, both dependent on other individuals and institutions. It was truly independent. In an independent society, is not someone to depend on others or institutions, but which is created in this life is a mechanism or interaction of the parts with other parts within a whole that moves to a destination.

Is not the holy book the Qur'an states that man is honored by Allah Almighty in the majority of His creatures?

When the rights and independence are met, then everyone will memaujudkan needs based on their nature, which is a potential requirement. Of course, that is contained in nature that includes the potential for passive and active. Passive potency is the ability to receive an action. Also classified in the passive potential of creation is the ability to be influenced by the activities of Allah so that he can do that seems beyond the boundaries of nature.

Active potency is an innate ability or tendency of a thing to be or to run something specific in nature. Thus, this potential is the ability or power to generate action. Often this action is a product, such as children or home. Active potentials have loaded in a specific course of action.

Someone who can not realize the potential that he possesses perhaps because there are obstacles and barriers from the other party. Means that person can not be categorized as intrinsic human.

Must be able to actualize the intrinsic human rights, independence, and nature in this life. This must be the foundation of modern society to realize prosperity and peaceful living together.

Allah SWT has given to human potential. In fact, every soul has given way piety and vices. Live human, he chose to clean themselves or even make a mess. Sure lucky person who cleaned himself by always dhikr to Allah SWT.

That God will never stay still and always answer every prayer for his servant who truly believe and sincerely accept all the provisions from him. Because SUCCESS krena born not by chance or luck. Success achieved since the attempt through good planning; faith prayer, hard work, perseverance; good intentions and a more mainstream never give up.

Life without a soul is actually referring to understand the unity of the servant and his Lord. That humans are free to complain it was not human, but humans are capable of standing alone in accordance with his will. Abstinence independent human joy and sorrow to complain that nothing is felt. The spirit of independence that is destroying lives of fear and exhaustion. So superman should be able to be human independence.

Superman is a man who could rise up with his own Essence. Superior human beings to perfect or a perfect human being fully responsible for what he did. Stay focus on what the direction of our destiny, the world and the Hereafter, and do not betray our own prayers.

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HASTu W mengatakan...

I'm not a superman not either superior woman, just Manusia Biasa Aja (MBA). Jadi ingat inti atau jantung hati atau nishuf quran, bagian akhir surat Kahfi ayat 19: walyatalatthof... Berlakulah lemah lembut... Kerendahan hati adalah kekuatan yang lebih dahsyat dari kekerasan...

EYANG RESI 313 mengatakan...

>>>>> HASTuw : Benar sahabatku, bahwa kekuatan sejati yang sebenarnya terletak dalam kelemah lembutan dalam bersikap menghadapi persoalan. Sukses untuk sahabatku !

HASTu W mengatakan...

Amin.Terimakasih doanya eyang :)