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Selasa, 22 Juni 2010


"Love is blind" 'So often we hear from the babble of young subjects who are experiencing love. True? Because love and be love. Love became a thing; the search.

There is a mystery whether in love, so people crazy to find it. Is it because the price of love is more expensive than pearls, so many sacrifices to search. Is it the food that does not satiate the charm to make us addicted to the taste.

Could a series of questions that never found the answer was said to be "blind", or blind love is like the words of Imam Shafi in Diwanu book Ash-Shafi'i, "The eye when it is wrapped in love, ugliness becomes faded," and " eye when you've covered hate, ugliness will appear on all sides.

Is this love? That does not look ugly and bad, rich and poor. It was not assumed by these youngsters, because they also say, "love is beautiful." Stalemate we meet again.

What's so blind in the phrase, "Love is blind"? Are her eyes or her love, or perhaps both? If it is true for both, so do not be surprised if later suggested the term "blind love". As a result of the legality of young people to do "this" and "it. Love is blind, like a should be labeled kosher.

f this is true and it happened, was not in fact be reversed, something haram into halal (allowed), who made his own justification. While the new things that will really allowed is, "ma Idza Dalla daliluhu" when it has no arguments or that express it, ie suimber law, whether the provisions of Allah or a mutually agreed upon as a justification of law (legality).

Associated with the word halal (legal) to do this and that is understandable from one of understanding or justification of "blind love", a new right view of kosher by anyone if young people have been able to draw on the nature and the Shariah is not just simply love and be Halal.

The essence in this regard is the fact of love between two men and women that will be discussed further later meaning. Shariah is Islamic religious accreditation of the fabric of love that passed in front of the prince in marriage and family.

Thus, the term "blind love" is not what was practiced during the teens today. The term love is blind really arise because of "love" is essentially "something sacred and eternal." Because the height of sanctity and eternal values often people can not reach it, even sought after by two different beings. It is indeed impossible, for high purity is God's. Similarly with the infinite, eternal God is just He is forever.

If only the nature of love that has been really in the can by humans, by itself it is no longer needed to make love. Khazanah is just eternal love of God that never broke up and vanished. what else is missing. If at times we feel its existence and we mean love, it is part of the spark of His light. Actually because of our blindness to find love and also because of the greatness and purity of love that very high so that humans can not reach it.

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