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Jumat, 04 Juni 2010


Imperata cylindrical (L…) Beauv. Var. mayor (Nees) C.E. Hubb

Is a wild plant that grows in the open where the abandoned land, curb and lawn, especially in dry places. Are widely grown throughout Indonesia and in large numbers. Can grow in an altitude 0-2700 m above sea level.
This plant grows upright and is chronic and tends to master all the open space. Easy to reproduce by using a rigid rhizomes and ivy. Solid trunk and his hair sparse. Ribbon-shaped leaves, erect, sharp edges, rough-haired rare, long and up to 180 cm, 3 cm wide, green color.

Flowers grow on the flower stalk in the form of compound interest, white and easily flown angina, on a stalk terapat two ears, Situated composite, which is located above a perfect flower and is situated below the barren flower. Long grain 3 mm at the base of the ears are long and dense fine hair, the color white. Seeds oblong, about 1 mm in length dark brown.

Reed called Imperata cylindrical (l.) Beauv. var. Major (Ness) CEHubb or Cyrilla or Logurus Imperata arundinacea L. cylindricus belonging to the plant family Gramineae or Poaceae. This plant is known by the name of the weeds, or kambengan hilalang.

This rich series of very young plants with chemical constituents that are known, among others: mannitol, glucose, sakharosa, malic acid, citric acid, coixol, arundoin, cylindrin, fernenol, simiarenol, anemonin acid, grit, dammar, an alkali metal.

These plants are: anti piretik (reduce heat), diuretics (peluruh bladder), hemostatic (stop bleeding), eliminate hunger, meridian entered the lungs, stomach and small intestine. In the pharmacology of Chinese herbs has a cool sweet taste and properties.

This pharmacological effect is obtained from the use of rhizome (leaf), flowers and roots. Can be used fresh or dried.

Various literature noted by generations of experience and various countries and regions this plant can cure diseases:
1.Vomiting blood. In order for a fresh 30 -60 GRM washed, cut into pieces, boiled with 3 clean water glass until remaining 1 glass. After a cold drink.
2. Nosebleed. Washed fresh roots, pounded and squeezed until collected 100 cc of water was then drunk.
3. Bloody urine. Boil 100 GRM washed, boiled with water to 2000 cc 1000 cc left.
4. Gonorrhea. 300 GRM fresh root is washed, cut into pieces as necessary, with a 2000 cc simmering water until the remaining 1200 cc, plus rock sugar to taste. Divided three times to drink.
5. Acute infectious hepatitis. 60 GRM dried roots boiled with 3 clean water glass until remaining 1 glass. Divided by two times 10 days for a drinking glass.
6. Thirst in measles. Boil 30 GRM as the drink root.
7. Acute kidney inflammation. Rinse 60-120 GRM fresh root, cut into pieces as necessary and with 3 cups simmering water until the remaining 1 cup water. Divided for 2-3 times to drink. Boil 60-120 GRM fresh gotu kola, drink regularly.

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