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Jumat, 04 Juni 2010


Humans is central to the process of change (agent of social process). As social human beings attached to their environment. Through these social relationships hit the ocean breeze culture of human liver, which makes the human person is like a ship without a skipper.

Among the creatures that Allah created, human beings are imperfect creatures created from the creation of Allah in the natural universe. Posture structure also has advantages not possessed by other creatures of Allah. Description of the best human being one of them from other creatures found in the word of Allah in the Qur'an, "Verily We created man in his best form." (Sura: At-Tin 95: 4)

Referring to that paragraph should humans have a lot to be grateful and thankful to the Creator by running the command and alienate all of his prohibited. Not the reverse position into the legality of such noble human beings to be arrogant and act arbitrarily towards other creatures, or humans the only one who deserves to be cornerstone for all of mankind in the natural universe.

Keep in mind that human beings are created as the best, it does not meet the totality of human personality as a whole. This means that humans also have many disadvantages. It is said that the best bias to be because he has perfect form and posture you may think have an advantage compared with other creatures. These advantages will deliver the ultimate perfection of human beings, certainly when used to repair, to look for shortcomings in nature that human beings are essentially mute teacher. In contrast, humans will be lower than an animal if mistakenly use the facilities Allah has given him. As word of Allah in the Qur'an, "Then We restored him (man) to the lowest possible place." (Sura: At-Tin 95: 5)

Among teachers of human silent in this universe is a natural fish in the ocean. Allah Ta'ala created the fish in the ocean is for the consumer. High-protein foods for the physical body. It is also true Allah Ta'ala created the fish in the sea into teaching that is included in "kauniah Him"

What about teachers falsafa mute fish in the sea for humans? which means "Man with the potential advantage thought should not only think about or investigate what and how much ocean fish proteins, but also read how the lives of fish in the sea in order to become human spiritual teaching into protein."

Humans do sometimes there is more than an animal. However, you can bet no one is willing synchronized with the animals. That is because people feel more high and noble position. With a high sense of human beings that sometimes make people forget that he is a heartless creature. To learn why humans need to mute pillar (kauniah) of them were fish in the sea.

Falsafa in the sense that no length is a guideline or the concept of life. Memfalsafahkan falsafa live with fish in the sea in this modern age is not something that is not possible. Fish in the sea is virtually figures who are brave of marine conditions; salted fish to the water but do not go anywhere he swam salty, unless he should die. So emerge the advice of parents to their children,"Be you like fish in the sea that never affected the situation. "

As big as a small fish in the ocean is also, with the vast sea of salty water can not make the fish come to be salty. Similarly Allah created him for teaching to man. Humans also have the sea in her; extent not limitless, which have no basis, namely the liver. That's the heart in this body. But not a few men who drowned in the sea of his own heart. So that the glory of his stained and slumped to the valley in disgrace as sabdakan by the Messenger of Allah, "Indeed in humans, there is a lump of blood. If neither he, then let all these bodies, and if damaged it then corrupted the whole body, know it is the heart. "(Hadith Qudsi).

Humans still have not been able to use the philosophy of fish in the ocean that can not be colored by the saltiness of sea water environment, unless he was to death or that called with salted fish. Variety of color the world and the rapid acculturation often coloring the human life so that not infrequently they are willing to sacrifice even the most principles. This occurs because the human heart that are not stable which makes man was thrown and drowned in the sea itself, Allah has explained in His saying, "Truly man was created to be more tight-fisted laments. When he struck trouble he lamented. And when good she was very stingy. "(Sura: Al-Maarij 70: 19-21)

From the advent of truth wherever it is better if each of us do not miss it. For it would not hurt if we see falsafa from dumb teachers (kauniah) which gives the learning and understanding of actions that have been badly out of bounds, even far too far. Exhaustible ethical norms, values and applicable law in the Shari'a of religion in seeking Taufiq, Rahmad and divine blessings in life. Due to the crazy at the time would come the end of time in people's lives everyday.

What is a crazy time as the word of the Holy Prophet, "When women are like men and vice versa men resemble women, or if the child is no longer knew his parents, if the child became king in his parents house, when the maid gave birth to a child- employer's children. "(Hadith Qudsi) Or also the culture and consuming food-eating culture who have been widespread in the lives of everyday people, here are crazy times in the last day. Where at this time of entrenched nature of betraying fellow human beings with humans, humans with natural, man against his own prayers and many more violations of the norms of the principles that made the death of a civilization that made the destruction of value above the surface of the earth.

If the reference is correct, the cultural-eat meals and eating whom, it seems some truth in this cultural habit and if we look at the phenomenon of the present century. Perhaps that's what the teachers meant by philosophy mute (kauniah) which in examplize by marine fish. No sacrifice is a principle in life. If humans continue to bergilas and wrestled with fraud, deceit, injustice felt conscience revolted, when retreat would be contrary were trampled and crushed rotation of the wheel of time. Many call in the middle of a sentence of life in society that says, "Come with crazy not stand, if not get involved baseball." So it is in modern society today.

Maybe this is where the struggle between right and wrong words, between right and falsehood, between oppressed and oppressing, and antra eat and eat. Things like this have been described by the Prophet sawdalam his saying, "People who hold firmly to his religion as he tightly gripped the coals." Aloud gripped palms burning, heat is not infinite, and if thrown or discarded, we are naked without faith and religion. Even the man himself so biased that will be burned by God Almighty in the fires of hell.

Probably are like that picture of faith or faith community in the midst of daily life in modern times both in cities and in rural areas. When considered at this time, as a result of modern acculturation into the player not just the elite men, elite men dared to throw and kick the faith. Not only that tie farmers who often do throw-throw and kick-kick, the village farmers also come into play because the farmers no longer considered suitable planting suitable for the modern, industrial culture, ultimately whatever suited the wishes without having to see the halal and haram, and should not be allowed, provided suitable, so be it. So the fact that happened in the middle of the community.

Fortunate people forget-fortunately, still lucky people who believe and alert. We can only pray and hope that though the bias of cultural transformation can not be avoided from various world that is always packed affect the sides of human life. Perhaps, therefore, we could have forgotten and swept by a gust of wind "Heaven" or the like. Fortunately, if we are as human beings still have faith and alert.

Thus falsafa dumb teachers (kuniah) do not release the man to always throw the tool life is much less faith in order tejaga and saved the world and the hereafter.

Coppyright Eyangresi313 @2010

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