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Jumat, 04 Juni 2010


Vagaries of life that we live in life is just false. Gagsan-idea of the vagaries of life that are still stuck inside the heart can cause heart darkness. If the liver becomes dark, may not emit light. Rays can not penetrate the heart of faith, and hearts become dark.

So that the liver can shine and be familiar with the wonders of God so that must be considered is the scratches on the world which is seen by the eye which then gets stuck inside the heart should be removed. It is the bondage of lust. During the lust handcuff himself, then do not expect up to God. Do not expect to see the wonders that belong to God .

Let us cleanse the soul from the mistakes of both errors against God and against fellow human beings. People who have likened his mistakes were responsible junub, namely major ritual impurity that can be purified when the related bath first. The bath of error is to repent.

People who expect the science of God, which is the science that can reveal the unseen things must repent and devoted. Pious people who may not do anything bad and low. Because of piety and deeds are two things that sinners are opposites. So two things that can be impossible to meet.

Let us not follow the desires that wander to the skies. Ideas or desires that lead to the mastery of personal belongings, worldly pleasures and positions. If we mengumbar a true desire to have a low value, then there may be able to sharpen the eyes of our hearts. And do not expect to use eye care to menyikap things supernatural. Therefore, the nature of the world can not be approached from the outside, because the approach from the outside only provide knowledge that looks only, not to give knowledge about the nature of that world. If we want to know about the true nature of this world, we must enter ourselves.

By identifying yourself, someone will realize and understand about the ability, character, potential and shortcomings of the earth where he owned and held silence. With the attainment of consciousness, too, every individual believes that there is strength, power, the Great who are far away compared to her.

He is the creator God of nature, the source of all that is not to be there. Can not be viewed because such intangible nature and man. But can be felt through the heart, mind and mind that everything is created not happen by chance. It's all gone through the process before there. Nature and human existence is proof of the existence of God. Presence or absence of natural and man, God is still there. It's just that we know of the existence of God after we are there.

Immortality and perfection belongs only to God. Because God is not like human nature and processed. The theory of abiogenesis and biogenesis can we make it to browse and explore the beginner trail and the continuation of the first human creation of Adam and Hawa.

Adam was created from the ground, Hawa was created from part of himself, Adam's rib. From this population growth, human development begins, migrate, transition, loss and change become extinct. After almost the whole earth is filled and is inhabited by humans, terbentanglah keragamanan scenery and differences among human beings that name. Physical, culture and language, even down to the color of his skin. Everything is an apparition that can not be separated from the origin of the earliest events.

Coppyright Eyangresi313 @2010

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vany mengatakan...

i'm still in the stage of self-inquiry... :)

*thanks for visiting my blog*

EYANG RESI 313 mengatakan...

Thank you for visiting. Hopefully we get a clue in recognizing our true self.

Abu Ahnaf mengatakan...

ora iso inggris yang...

mampir wae lah...

Anonim mengatakan...

mampir aja...yang..

imtikhan mengatakan...

mantap dah widgetnya
salam blogger
terima kasih

W i e d e s i g n a r c h mengatakan...

identfying my own heart
identfying my own self
i am really bad
on that one simple thing
and i do love to do anything
even being ignored and silence
just for knowing
who exactly i am

EYANG RESI 313 mengatakan...

People who expect the science of God, which is the science that can reveal the unseen things must repent and devoted.

Thank you for visiting. Hopefully we get a clue in recognizing our true self.

anyindia mengatakan...

assalammualaikum eyang