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Rabu, 04 November 2009


What is meant by saying that dhikr is done with the tongue or given to God with heart, with words or hallow God's memory and clean out the properties that do not deserve him. Next praised with great praise and flattery, flattery with a perfect nature, traits that show the greatness and purity.

Dhikr Whereas it a way to achieve victory, we can know from the hadith "No one charity that lucky son of Adam can detach himself than the punishment of God, but dzikirullah, the remembrance of Allah (Narrated by Ahmad) http://eyangresi313.blogspot. com /

Dzikir nafs and confirmation, in other words dhikr sentence that does not recognize any God-God and set a confession to the Lord God is one single, is the main dhikr, the largest and most highly manfa'atnya trace the men, the sentence; " La ilaha ILLALLAAH "means" No God but God "(

Prophet Muhammad said in a hadith:
• "Most of what I said and what was spoken by the Prophets before me is:" LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH "(HR.Bukhari and Muslim).
• "Those who say" LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH "with sincerity, must go Suga".
• "To those who say" LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH "will not fear the grave crimes and crimes at the time gathered in the field Makhsyar".
• "If there are people who say LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH correctly, even though he has sins of the earth will be forgiven their sins by God".

LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH called Thoyyibah sentence that can purify the one who says to shirk from jail, as he can clean up the human soul than khofi Shirk (polytheism liver) and makes the person who ihlas and pure. ( So is the phrase LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH can open the human heart than the veil that always stuck to the material, and cleaning people's lives than all the dirt and animalistic qualities.

LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH sentence was for a mengkurniai kasaf said forever, in addition to the nature mengkurniai Sidiq, ihlas, laduni science, the secrets of a strange and will be given various musyahadah address from God.

Such gifts can only be obtained, if the sentence saying it was taken and received from the heart of the godly and holy than God, not a phrase that only just learned to be heard than the mouths of ordinary people. (Http:// /). Nafs sentence confirmation that although a short verse, but very wide meaning covering the whole liver, if taken with a grain of unity rather than a living heart, the grains will grow, unlike items that are not reached and no life.

Prophet Muhammad said:
• "That God is forbidden licking flames of hell who says La ilaha ILLALLAAH which aimed only to God alone. (HR: Bukhari-Muslim)
• "People who are dhikr as a shade tree in the middle of a dry tree".
• "People who remember God is like the people who live in the midst of the dead".
• "renew your faith by extending always say LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH". (
• "He who reproduce dzikirullah, he separated from Munafiq".
• "It is Dzikirullah faith cirri, freedom to free themselves than Munafiq, a stronghold than satan attacks and shield than hot fires of hell".
• "The Angel Gabriel said:" I've never come down with more great lines from LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH sentence, because the sentence was upholding heaven and earth, mountains and vegetation, sea and land. That sentence ihlas, Islamic phrases, sentence proximity to God, godly sentences, sentences of victory, and the sentence space, powerful sentence ".

Allah says:
• "He who has opened his breast to Islam, then he was in the midst of Nur (light) of his Lord. Wail of hell reserved for those who spite (brave) heart and does not make dhikr of Allah, he will be in manifest error ". (Sura: Az-Zumar 22)
• "It is God who sent His Messenger with guidance and the true religion, to overcome all that religion to man, though not liked by the people who Pagans" (Sura: Ash-Shaf: 9)
• "I did not make the jinn and man, kecualui to worship me (God)". (Sura: Az-Zurriyat: 56)
• "Have you not see God as a sentence Thoyyibah enforce the vein tree roots and branches growing middle heaven, given the (visited) of food each time with the permission of their Lord, so the example given by God to man, so that they remember". (QS: Ibrahim: 24)

With this word of God should be made clear that upholding the veins of trees tunggangnya tauhid terhujam the kejutuh earth and its branches to the seventh layer of heaven 'Throne, then spread the seeds of unity above ground nursery care that the tree grows from a grain of unity in the space tunggangnya and fruitful rasahasia Tawheed for keridzaaz God; ( as a charitable sholeh live human nature so called thiflul ma'ani, notions tricky. This rule of God into the hearts kurniakan servants who loved, who always uphold dzikirullah.

If someone had fixed his heart to the truth, it is not no man can be lifted to a higher position and higher. Such person will lead all the way and struggle to the right, to all the work right and God approves. ( Men who have reached the level of such dignity, no longer could the he seduced and distorted by the influence of his own desires and by the encouragement syahwatnya left and right anymore than the straight and true.

People who make dhikr is dressed clean and holy, holy body, smelling the menyedapkan that can freshen up in doing a good deed, choosing the place clean and pure, it should be as much as possible facing the Qiblah, showing all fikirannya to dhikr, keeping the titles issued not to exceed boundary so that bother other people around.

Hopefully this paper becomes a key to enlightenment is the heart and soul endlessly watering the hearts of the readers. Ask ahlidzikir who lives with dzikirullah heart. Amin ya robbal alamiinn ... ... ... ... ....

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