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Rabu, 04 November 2009


In the search for human wealth is like drinking water in the heat. Already drunk the water, it loses an instant sense of thirst. But then came back thirsty, so they will look for other water that may be more promising pleasure.

The intricacies of life we live is only superficial. The scratches on the twists and turns that still clung to life in the heart can cause heart or heart of darkness. ( If the heart becomes dark, may not emit light. Faith rays can not penetrate. A sixth sense becomes dull.

To have and to shine a sixth sense and can live to know the wonders of God, then that must be considered is the scratches on the world in view of the eye and then stuck to the heart should be removed. It is a bondage of lust. Selam fetter heart desires, so do not expect the presence of God. ( Do not expect to see the miracles that belong to God. Let us cleanse the soul from error, both errors against God and against man. People who have likened the mistake he was taking impure (junub); yaiutu major impurity which can be purified when the respective first bath. The "shower" of errors is to repent. With real repentance.

People who expect the science of God, that's where the science can menyikap unseen things that must repent and be cautious. ( People who fear can not do a bad deed. Because self-restraint and the bad (disobedience) are two opposite things.

Lust is the gift of God is given to beings called humans. But we must keep the passion and control it, so as not liberated by it all.

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