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Kamis, 19 November 2009


Heart and soul of a genuine and clean, very careful of the rights of others and his heart was always measured the messages of God that his life is always under control. ( That is what will bring people avoid distortions such as corruption, collusion, manipulation, intimidation that the modernization era is regarded as a natural thing was even common knowledge. ( A person must pluck up courage to not fall to the things that bad. Especially the nature honest and very careful of the rights of others is one of the basic capital must be owned by an honest and trust.

In relation to the whole human development, we are confronted with the notion of the direction of human development that can be trusted to carry out development as well as possible. ( Along with the physical development, community obligations should also always forming properties mambangun mental well-seta siat always introspective in all his actions. ( In his heart however, can always firmly held religious norms without having affected the surrounding environment, so that he could always feel the tranquility in the current turmoil yag life hit him.

In modern humans often fall into the meterialistis life. Due to modernization were promising material pleasures, so that a measure is the successful one in terms of material. ( Thus one can not show yan achievements in the field of material deemed not successful in life.

About the material world, humans are divided into 4 (four) categories:
1. People who idak sad mendapatkanrizki otherwise. In fact, if you get sad hai. ( According rizki like a lot of water, which if not channeled properly will result in damage.
2. People who do not be sad, if not get kerika rizki and get it.
3. People who grieve when you get rizki, and fun to get it, provided rizki halal.
4. People who complain that rizkinya sluggish, and he will tell you here and there will be difficulties. ( And if he was happy to get his heart rizki rizki although it is not lawful.

Today there are still perceived as someone who understands human salahduga who cling to religious norms in applying his daily life according to Al-qur'an and the hadiths. ( What is meant by human beings are:
1. The man who always remember God with Dhikr in whatever circumstances and situations. ( His heart is always living with the name of Allah.
2. Noble.
3. Having a deep religious consciousness and always beristiqomah in worship.
4. Able to place himself in the worldly life in a reasonable and balanced position.
5. Not looking for treasure in a way and roads that are not blessed God, ( that is reflected in her soul qanaah, not greedy and exploitative.
6. Not the yag leave the material world that he lives terlunta-lunta and just prayed in the corners of the mosque.
7. Have high ideals.
8. Maintaining the honor to God. (
9. Improving khimat to God.
10. Carry out his ideals by not betraying his own prayers.
11. Good cleaning obtained with sadaqoh.

In life at this time, many emerging leaders and religious Spiritualist everywhere. ( and have done a lot of different places as a spiritual activity programs for the community peace of mind and the nation in this land. But why disasters and disaster and devastation is still a lot happening?. ( It all becomes intropeksi for every human being from what he tela been doing.

In this world many candles scattered large and beautiful, very unfortunate that the candles do not have a light that can illuminate disekikarnya life.

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