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Rabu, 04 November 2009


One of the fundamental characteristics of a good leader is sincere in giving and receiving. Sincerity gives measured from the sincerity in the lead and carry out their duties, and not deceive the people with rhetoric that contains falsehood. ( While willing to accept the sincerity in responding to criticism from the people they lead, and even his political opponents, who of course became part of the people.

Therefore, good leaders do not take criticism from people as the lack of compensation, with a note of criticism was delivered in a good way and based on data and facts are true. ( Even criticism is deserved, even if it comes from his political opponents should be considered by a leader as evidence of love for him. Not necessarily regarded as an attitude that is not polite.

Our hope, hope in this country there are leaders who are sincere without masks falsehood. And can create an atmosphere of peaceful life of the nation & state. Amin ya robbal alamin ... ... ... ....

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